Categorising Books

I can never decide about liking a certain type of book. On the one hand it’s nice to have a go to type of book but on the other hand this can prove limiting.

At the moment I’m submerging myself in YA books. I tell myself it’s because that’s the target audience for my own piece of writing (as yet unnamed so I’ll call it the Mystifyingly Unwritten Tome- or MUT). That’s just a lie though. I read YA for lots of reasons, the lack of pretension being a major bonus. I hate pretentious books!

Reading YA books with my own writing in mind can be soul destroying in so many ways. Firstly when I read some of the amazingly brilliant and clever stories I know that I can’t compete. I’m not that clever or talented and I have no illusions about it. To drag a reader into your own story is a skill that I feel may be beyond me. Secondly as with every genre and industry there comes a saturation point. The more I read the more I worry that this point has already been reached. Thirdly (and possibly most importantly) some of the books I read are complete drivel. Incoherent writing and incompetent storytelling litter far too many YA books. I worry that my book is likely to fall into this category; or worse it may not even be picked up.

I suppose the questions still remain. Am I good enough? Will I pick up MUT again? Should I compare myself to others? Should I stop worrying and just get on with it? I know the answers, I just can’t face acknowledging them.

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