New Year – New Resolutions?

Once again I find myself in the process of gearing up to write and then I remember something else very important that I must do now. Like washing the dishes or taking down the Christmas tree. So now instead of making a productive start I’m sitting with a drainer full of we dishes and a bare Christmas tree. I just can’t understand it.

My day job is very responsible and, to be honest, involves a reasonable amount of both creativity and writing. I never miss a deadline or do a half hearted job. I wonder if it is because I know the value of the work that I do at my day job. The writing  job doesn’t have any set salary, or deadlines. Is it the cash or the neccessity?

I can add writer to my resume. In fact I can add paid writer. I must have earned approximately $300 from writing articles for a marketing company. I’m pretty sure they made at least 10-20x more than I did but that’s not the point. Each article was worth around $5 and I spent time on it accordingly. I always wrote 260-300 words and never spent longer than 20 minutes on each article. Some I could knock out in less than 5 minutes as there was no research needed. And, importantly, I had a very definite deadline. Sometimes less than an hour, sometimes a week. But it was there. And defined by someone else.

How can I organise myself to set a reasonable deadline. Signing up for an online creative writing course seems like a bit of a drastic measure but I think I might need someone else to set the deadline! So here goes nothing – signed up and am now rearing to go (although the course doesn’t start until the 16th so until then!).


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