Being competent

Being competent has been playing on my mind a lot recently. In the day job I know I’m competent, or component at feigning competence at least. Not so much with the writing. To the point where I’m avoiding the writing because I don’t feel competent.

Today I went to the shops (relevant I promise) for a few errands. I’ve ran out of makeup so needed to hit the makeup counter. I knew exactly what type and shade I wanted to buy, should have been simple. Unfortunately I got sucked into a CONVERSATION. Somehow I ended up sitting in the chair having a makeover. A bit much for Friday lunchtime but I thought why not. This is her job so I’ll pick up all the tips I can. Hmmmm. The result was no better than I can do myself. Not a criticism but I just thought she needs a bit more practise to make perfect. Thinking about that made me wonder if I’m too critical about my writing- do I need practise or practice?

I think my writing skills are competent, perhaps it’s my story telling skills that are lacking. Or perhaps I have no stories to share because my imagination is underdeveloped. Hopefully the course I’ve signed up for will help me reflect on my abilities & highlight what aspects of my writing that I need to develop.


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