Is this what Success Looks Like?

Today is the first day in the rest of my writing life. I hope. I finally started my Creative Writing Course (CWC). Will CWC make me become a successful writer? Probably not in isolation but I am confident that it will help. So is this a success. Can I give myself a pat on the back and say well done?

Unfortunately it took me almost a week to log into the  CWC system. I’ve had a busy week at work (true); just taken on a new responsibility at work (true); I had a course after work on Monday (true); I’ve been sticking to my resolution and stalking the gym (true) BUT realistically I’ve also been a bit scared of logging on. What if everyone else is much better than me? What if they think my writing is rubbish? What if they don’t appreciate the genre I like to write? What if, What if, What if?

So this morning I logged on. Just as well as I had an assignment due today. TODAY. So my gentle easing in actually turned into a frantic writing, rewriting, writing again, contemplating whether my writing was too honest or not honest enough. What do I want to achieve from the course? Can I write it in 500 words? Can I write 500 words on what I want to achieve? Finally I completed the task and submitted my work.

I can’t decide if this morning has been a success or not. I think I’ll just wait for my grade to tell me!


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