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Review: I’ve Got Your Number: A Novel   1 comment

I've Got Your Number: A Novel
I’ve Got Your Number: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I promised myself that I was finished with ChickLit books. Then I found out that Sophie Kinsella had writted a new book. Now I like to think that I grew out of the Shopaholic series but truthfully I just enjoyed the first three more than the rest. I didn’t really enjoy Twenties Girl as much as I would have liked. So I was prepared to read this book and then stop reading Sophie Kinsella books. Oops. I really enjoyed this book – despite being prepared to endure it rather than enjoy it. It was very much in the vein of Can you Keep a Secret and Undomestic Goddess, which I really enjoyed. Now all I can think about is how much I want to reread her books.

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First Submission In   Leave a comment

Well that does it, I’ve finally done it! I have submitted my first synopsis and have posted it for peer feedback. It’s quite daunting really and although I have provided feedback to all the other participants enrolled on the course it is something else completely for me to open up and share my crazy ramblings. And then ask for feedback. Although it feels really bonkers I feel quite empowered by putting myself out there and asking for feedback.

I had a bit of a panic this morning, the synopsis was due at 10 PM. Being the conscientious student that I am I had my work prepared and ready to submit last night. Being the slightly bonkers person that I am I had an unbelievably brilliant idea overnight. Yes, it came to me in a dream. But it is bloody brilliant. Even if I do humbly say so myself! I am so excited about writing this story I found it difficult to concentrate on my previous story. In the end I decided to stick with my first story but to start a document for my new story. At the moment my original story is reasonably flexible and could be written as a short story or a novel. My bloody brilliant story could only be written as a novel and a potentially as a screenplay. Aim high, eh?

When I think about how far I have come since starting this blog I can only be happy. Initially I was so confused and I needed direction in my writing. Concentrating on unblocking my creativity has really had a positive effect on putting the story on paper. And it has always been something I’ve struggled with and I feel that because I am not worried about the storyline I’m actually able to write it down. Or dictate it because I am now the owner of a fancy Dragon dictation package. Therefore any errors in this blog are down to Dragon (honest, haha). Every time I breathe  it thinks I say this.

The end!

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Review: Hana   1 comment

Hana by Lauren Oliver
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I read so many similar books that I foget which sequel goes with which prequel. I thought that this was a short novel that followed up from another book so I was obviously a bit disapointed when I couldn’t remember who the main character of this book was. I did find it interesting from a writing point of view – this is exactly the exercise that I have to do next week for my CWC. Write from another POV or a minor characters backstory. I read it so 3 stars.

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