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Oh yeah. 12,000 words written in the last 36 hours. The plot still has some cohesion (definitely need a huge amount of editing to fix inconsistencies) but who cares! And I’m not even that far into the story yet. The main premise has been mentioned and explained in some detail BUT there are many events that will take place within the main premise. What started out as a short story seems to be growing arms and legs. Ha! The best part is that now I know I can write copies quantities in one siting I might be able to write my children’s book. Yay me!


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So far this morning I’ve been such a busy beaver. I’ve visited the tip, the post office and the supermarket. I’ve also gone for a wee run and (get this) written another 1,000 words. That’s right. In the last 24 hours I’ve written more than in the last year of trying. Get in! So I’m still only at around 7,000 words but I think that’s not bad for less than 24 hours. If only I could keep kit up then I could have a novel finished before I go back to work on the 15th. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen but I’m loving what I’m writing so it’s all good.

I think my new outlook on writing has definitely been a turning point for me. I’m not sure if I can call myself a writer yet though. Do I need to be published (and I don’t include those 100 word web articles that pay £1.50 a pop) to call myself a writer?does it matter? At the moment I think not.

Need to put a pin in my writing & get back to the day job (well not the actual day job, the hobby that pays, unlike writing which currently does not pay!).

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And I think we are on to a winner! 4,506 words in one evening. Is this what inspiration feels like?


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Oops, I started ANOTHER story today. After spending the whole afternoon putting off sitting down I finally did it. And by golly gosh I’m glad I did. Because I think I have written a decent chapter. In one day. So it’s only 2,500 words long. That’s ok, it’s young adult. But there might not be enough meat in the story to get to the elusive 50,000+ words. That’s ok because I have had a bit of a revelation (drum roll please)… Who cares?!? I don’t write to become rich and famous. I write because I enjoy it. I don’t write to pay the bills. I write to enjoy it. I don’t write for anyone but myself so… WHO CARES!?! I don’t.

How many people are lucky enough to have a hobby that doesn’t cost them anything but time? Certainly the other things I do for fun cost me mega bucks so why not just enjoy the writing for what it is. An escape. An escape from the monotony of real life. An escape that reading used to provide. Because recently reading has not been a winning hobby for me.

I think engaging in the writing process has encouraged me to be a much more critical reader. Before I would read all sorts of nonsense, with little or no attention paid to the actual writing as the appropriateness of each word choice. So I have now become a word snob who likes to read trashy books. So my new piece of writing is just a trashy storyline, with a lot of good word choices. And I love it!

Here’s to the next 2,500 words. Which may be the end of the story, or just e beginning…

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