Another one?

Oops, I started ANOTHER story today. After spending the whole afternoon putting off sitting down I finally did it. And by golly gosh I’m glad I did. Because I think I have written a decent chapter. In one day. So it’s only 2,500 words long. That’s ok, it’s young adult. But there might not be enough meat in the story to get to the elusive 50,000+ words. That’s ok because I have had a bit of a revelation (drum roll please)… Who cares?!? I don’t write to become rich and famous. I write because I enjoy it. I don’t write to pay the bills. I write to enjoy it. I don’t write for anyone but myself so… WHO CARES!?! I don’t.

How many people are lucky enough to have a hobby that doesn’t cost them anything but time? Certainly the other things I do for fun cost me mega bucks so why not just enjoy the writing for what it is. An escape. An escape from the monotony of real life. An escape that reading used to provide. Because recently reading has not been a winning hobby for me.

I think engaging in the writing process has encouraged me to be a much more critical reader. Before I would read all sorts of nonsense, with little or no attention paid to the actual writing as the appropriateness of each word choice. So I have now become a word snob who likes to read trashy books. So my new piece of writing is just a trashy storyline, with a lot of good word choices. And I love it!

Here’s to the next 2,500 words. Which may be the end of the story, or just e beginning…


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