Another grand bites the dust

Well, well, well. Somehow I’ve managed to break through the elusive 15,000 barrier. Only three times more than I’d ever managed. Having had a *few* weeks off I did have to do a wee bit of revision but pretty sure plot advances are consistent with what has come before.

I had thought that I wanted to end the story with a consolatory (but improved) conclusion. That’s a very pretentious way of saying she doesn’t get back with him but discovers that someone better was under her nose the whole time. After reading a (very different) story earlier this week I realised that I really, really want both love interests to be complete f**kwits. Seriously. I want my readers (or maybe just me) to really feel the storyline. As many parts of it are unrealistic can we just fall back on our trusted cliche. Teenage boys think & feel, but their brains are in no way involved in either process. Of course they’re gonna ruin everything for our protagonist.

I’m super excited to write all the horrible heartbreak. Devastated then hopeful then broken then fixed (but not by a boy!). Just gotta decide on my heartbreak music!