Another holiday has started – will this be the one for success?

I’m busy thinking about writing – that counts, right? Just like when I think about going on a diet or I think about going for a run. It all helps, subliminally. So maybe I’ll just subliminally write a book, and lose some weight and become a marathon runner. In the same way that my hair will miraculously grow and my feet will shrink. Or maybe I could just get a grip and get on with it. Unfortunately for me that plan is currently not on for 2 reasons;

1. I’m waiting for my laptop to charge. I’m hopeless at typing on the keyboard for my desktop so I really am doing well if I finish this blog post (& the screen is so far away that I’m struggling to see it!

2. I’m totally and utterly fresh out of ideas. That amazing and wonderful novel that was going to be my key to wealth (film rights and merchandising included) is pretty crap. I suspect that I’ve left it far too long between chapters. 17k words of setting the scene and I have no idea how to jump into the action.

My options (including only the sensible ones) include switching it all off and getting hammered (althogh I’m syncing my iTunes match so I can’t actually switch off) or just sit here staring for long enough that something comes to me. Which so far has worked, in that I have had a brilliant idea for a middle grade reader. Problem being it totally sucks and only seems brilliant because I have nothing else going on. Another option is (as always) to do some housework. But I think I’d rather stare into space because as rubbish as my writing is, my dusting is much worse. Kidding! I don’t dust – I find that keeping surfaces cluttered really helps out in the whole dusting department. Dust can’t settle on the furniture if it can’t reach said furniture.

I was really hoping a rant would kick start my writing for the day. Obviously not đŸ˜¦ Maybe I’ll do my tax return instead…


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