6 year itch…

When I started this blog I was full of enthusiasm. I was going to be a writer. I was going to dutifully sit at my newly purchased writing bureau, fancy pen in hand, moleskin notebook in front of me being rapidly filled with the bestest words ever. Which would somehow magically transform into a fully typed and edited manuscript ready for submitting to agents and publishing houses and the like. And I promise I tried reader, I really tried. But inspiration rarely struck. I ended up doodling more often than writing. I avoided writing, spending hours daydreaming about how to progress storylines but with very little actual action. In hindsight my writing came to a crashing halt when I started Master’s study. Or should I say my imaginative writing stopped. Completely and utterly. I was, however, producing more academic writing – currently around 50,000 words with at least 25,000 to go. On top of this my role at work has become more and more paper-based. Reports, applications, funding requests all add up. Unfortunately the imaginative writing has not kept up.

But I’m not looking back, I’m looking forward. Well that was the plan until I decided to open up the archives and actually look at what I had started. By taking an analytical view I’ve been able to categorise projects by size and prioritise by importance. So now rather than 13 active projects I have 3, all at various stages.

Project 1 is a practical guide in a pretty niche topic – eventually it will comprise of everything you need to know to set up a specific type of business targeting a specific market. It will come with a host of tried and tested resources. There will be an accompanying workbook as well to help businesses further differentiate within their market. It’s a huge writing project but very linked to my side-hustle so it will get my attention on a practical level. Also my dissertation is likely going to be linked to this topic so will be priority come May of this year.

Project 2 is starting as a short-story however I have a sneaky suspicion that it will end up as a novella once I get going. This was one that I thought would end up on the discard pile because it was a fly by night, 1000 words written piece. But honestly when I revisited it I was impressed that I had written it. Like really impressed. And, hell not, why shouldn’t I write for myself when I’m writing for fun? So all I’ll say on this one is Frankie Baby, I’m coming for you.

Project 3 is a definite short story and will never be anything longer. It is already written, and I love the title. The end needs a bit of work and the body, honestly I skipped it because I know that it needs heavy editing. Like completely rewriting level of editing. But the premise is tight. And the title is tight. And the ending concept is tight with an adequate execution. I’m aiming for this to be ready to submit to Remembrance compilations. As part of this writing project I will be reworking the tale into a poem.

Intentionally I am limiting myself to 3 projects, on top of my academic writing. I have had to make lifestyle changes to accommodate this – reducing my working hours from full-time to 3 days a week. This will allow me to spend a good chunk of time writing weekly – an hour a week on each project should see my 2 smaller projects (projects 2 and 3 as they have been so imaginatively named) finished by the summer. Being honest I will absolutely spend more time on them, I’ll probably dream about them. But they will be completed within months. Project 1, however, I’d call a major. It is going to need a lot of work. Because it isn’t just about the book, it’s about the business too. I’m super thankful that I have an accountability buddy who will help keep me on track. So really that’s at least 3 hours a week on that project. Aiming for end of year completion is possibly not too far away. Especially as academic writing will be finishing in September then I will have 2 full days a week for business (and book) development.

So dear reader, I’m looking forward to providing updates on my writing projects, labelled as they are Project 1, 2 and 3. In order to keep a proper tally I’m thinking my academic projects will be labelled a, b, c, etc. That way when my studies are heavy then I don’t feel bad about not pushing forward in my other projects. I’ll post these as a sticky – once an academic (or otherwise) project is complete I’ll move it to under a finished header. I can’t wait to share my writing journey with you!


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