Juggling Projects

This past week has been a bit of an eye-opener for me. Yes I know that writing is a real job and, as such, it can be pretty tough going but I hadn’t really considered how much writing needs to be completed in order to improve. I sort of had a reasonable idea that writing across genres can be a good way to diversify and improve writing in general but I hadn’t paid too much thought to the idea that writing more is also necessary. Both breadth and depth are needed in order to become a writer. Which has been an interesting lesson for this week.

Honestly my blog posts are pretty much completed on the hop. I do a bit of contemplation throughout the week and whatever sticks come blogging day is what is written on the day. I am aware that this is, perhaps, not the most meaningful way to write but it is a way that I feel has an honesty about it. Which is something that I need to be mindful of – honesty is important as a writer, particularly when it comes to the skills development project (I think from here on in I’ll refer to it as the technical project, seems more fitting with the direction my current chapter is taking). Being able to write honestly about my experiences in this field is invaluable as I genuinely want this project to be a success in itself, to bring success to those who work with it and to encourage those who do not feel that they are ready for success. Honesty is a key message in this project.

Because I have stripped back all of the pressure that I previously put myself under I feel that I am in a good place to move forward with my projects. I have already blogged about the projects I am working on in a previous post (6 year itch… ) and will add blogging as a project in itself. I do have a couple of other blogs that I update weekly or biweekly – at the moment I am making a conscious decision to separate my writings. The demarcation is helping me to juggle the projects, something that I have never actively tried before. Yes I have worked on multiple projects but no I have never actually managed to finish any of them. Or even get too far into them. The projects I have with the highest word counts lost their way around the 10,000 work mark, one I persisted with and hit 26,000 words but the beginning doesn’t match the ending. And I suspect that the middle matches neither.

Developing the skills to juggle projects will be an ongoing process. At the moment I can honestly say that I have worked on all three projects in the last week. Some more than others, but I have opened each priority project, written some words, deleted some words, contemplated the value of some words and now have a larger word count than at the start of the week. Not bad for my first week of juggling.


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