Multi-tasking and doing nothing

The last few weeks have been a bit of a disaster.Not through anything other than life getting in the way of being productive but all the same. On Monday my hectic fortnight finished (think as many big life events of loved ones as you can imagine on top of work resposibilities and study deadlines) and I have pretty much collapsed in a heap in a corner, sobbing and screaming to be left alone. Not the most measured reaction I’ll grant you, but one that I really needed. Well apart from the fact that I then had to catch up on life missed in the hectic fortnight (is it too far to refer to it going forward as the fortnight of doom?). And don’t worry, everything was where I needed it to be (on my desk). Unfirtunately it was in such a disordered heap that I am just working around it (all hunched over the keyboard scared to move my arms too far out in case they knock over a pile of paper. Something has to give surely? I just don’t know what. Well I do – all non-academic writing has taken a backseat this last few weeks (and in the week leading up to fortnight of doom (turns out I quite like that description). No blogging, business blogging, business writing, personal writing, fiction writing, note writing, list writing. Basically if it’s not a text message or work related then it hasn’t been written. Which goes someway to explain the jumble in my head perhaps. Or perhaps not – it is always a little messy inside.

Wins that have been won in the last few days include setting my current uni project live (woo!) and catching up on a module that I had fallen weeks behind in. I have also vacuumed and mopped the floors downstairs. Well a couple of them. And I programmed the robot vacuum/mop to do it for me. It’s honestly mesmerising watching it trundle along doing its job. I suspect there is a fortune to be made in the first person who gets these robots to play a mindful tune as they go – meditate as the housework takes care of itself. What an idea đŸ˜€