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Another grand bites the dust   Leave a comment

Well, well, well. Somehow I’ve managed to break through the elusive 15,000 barrier. Only three times more than I’d ever managed. Having had a *few* weeks off I did have to do a wee bit of revision but pretty sure plot advances are consistent with what has come before.

I had thought that I wanted to end the story with a consolatory (but improved) conclusion. That’s a very pretentious way of saying she doesn’t get back with him but discovers that someone better was under her nose the whole time. After reading a (very different) story earlier this week I realised that I really, really want both love interests to be complete f**kwits. Seriously. I want my readers (or maybe just me) to really feel the storyline. As many parts of it are unrealistic can we just fall back on our trusted cliche. Teenage boys think & feel, but their brains are in no way involved in either process. Of course they’re gonna ruin everything for our protagonist.

I’m super excited to write all the horrible heartbreak. Devastated then hopeful then broken then fixed (but not by a boy!). Just gotta decide on my heartbreak music!


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And here we go…   Leave a comment

So far this morning I’ve been such a busy beaver. I’ve visited the tip, the post office and the supermarket. I’ve also gone for a wee run and (get this) written another 1,000 words. That’s right. In the last 24 hours I’ve written more than in the last year of trying. Get in! So I’m still only at around 7,000 words but I think that’s not bad for less than 24 hours. If only I could keep kit up then I could have a novel finished before I go back to work on the 15th. Pretty sure that’s not going to happen but I’m loving what I’m writing so it’s all good.

I think my new outlook on writing has definitely been a turning point for me. I’m not sure if I can call myself a writer yet though. Do I need to be published (and I don’t include those 100 word web articles that pay £1.50 a pop) to call myself a writer?does it matter? At the moment I think not.

Need to put a pin in my writing & get back to the day job (well not the actual day job, the hobby that pays, unlike writing which currently does not pay!).

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Writing update – oh my!   Leave a comment

And I think we are on to a winner! 4,506 words in one evening. Is this what inspiration feels like?


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Another one?   Leave a comment

Oops, I started ANOTHER story today. After spending the whole afternoon putting off sitting down I finally did it. And by golly gosh I’m glad I did. Because I think I have written a decent chapter. In one day. So it’s only 2,500 words long. That’s ok, it’s young adult. But there might not be enough meat in the story to get to the elusive 50,000+ words. That’s ok because I have had a bit of a revelation (drum roll please)… Who cares?!? I don’t write to become rich and famous. I write because I enjoy it. I don’t write to pay the bills. I write to enjoy it. I don’t write for anyone but myself so… WHO CARES!?! I don’t.

How many people are lucky enough to have a hobby that doesn’t cost them anything but time? Certainly the other things I do for fun cost me mega bucks so why not just enjoy the writing for what it is. An escape. An escape from the monotony of real life. An escape that reading used to provide. Because recently reading has not been a winning hobby for me.

I think engaging in the writing process has encouraged me to be a much more critical reader. Before I would read all sorts of nonsense, with little or no attention paid to the actual writing as the appropriateness of each word choice. So I have now become a word snob who likes to read trashy books. So my new piece of writing is just a trashy storyline, with a lot of good word choices. And I love it!

Here’s to the next 2,500 words. Which may be the end of the story, or just e beginning…

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Ummmm… So… Really Enthusiastic…   Leave a comment

I’m almost ashamed to reread my last post. So I was super enthusiastic about two pieces of writing in May. 5 months ago. I thought that I would get oodles of writing done during the holidays but instead I chose to sit on my ass. True story. What I really need to remember is that I sit on my ass to write so really there is no excuse for writing nothing for so long. In recent weeks a news item has reminded me of my YA novel and I just wish that I’d not wasted the last 5 months because, right now, I have the best chance of selling my story. Unfortunately life is full of ifs and buts. Oh well.

On a serious note I have started my writing again, despite the fact that I may have missed the boat when it comes to my YA novel. I am only about 7,000 words in so there is not much chance of completing it this year (unless I give up my job, which sounds wonderful in theory, however the mortgage company may disagree!). Perhaps I should focus on my younger readers story, which I might be able to knock together a first draft before 2014. Decisions like this actually put me off writing. I almost wish that I didn’t have so many unfinished stories swirling around in my head. Becasue seriously I’ve just thought of a Chick Lit story. AS I’M WRITING THIS POST. Seriously I don’t want to stofle my creativity but at the same time I wish that I could finish with one before I move onto the next.

I’m off to write a party scene (Jersey Shore blasting in the background – the things we do for our craft!)…

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I’m so enthusiastic about two of my pieces of writing (one YA, one for younger readers). I have written and edited 4 chapters of the YA. The piece for younger readers has the clearest characters I can imagine (with new details developing all the time). I’m actually struggling to decide what to develop every time I sit down to write. Brilliant!

Work is hectic just now so I really can’t spend any time writing for at least another week. I’m itching to get back to it, always a good sign!

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Getting started   Leave a comment

I have managed to get stuck into the story I want to write just now. Unfortunately it’s another new story. Whoops. On the plus side I have written more in 24 hours than in weeks of working on my other pieces. I’ve also worked out the finer details of timelines and events. I’ve also done a substantial amount of research and think that I have everything straight in my head. All problems ironed out. Shame I don’t quite know how it’s going to end. I could either go for a nice, jolly, everyone lived happily ever after OR lives devastated. I’m leaning towards devastated. I love a book that ends badly (for the characters not the writer!). Im tempted to work out both endings now, however I do love lettin a story lead me to the conclusion.

Do you NEED to know where your story is headed before you get there?

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